What is resolvr?

Optimize your mid and back office

Resolvr empowers asset managers and fund administrators at family offices, banks, hedge funds, and private equity firms.

Why resolvr?

Key benefits of using resolvr

  • Cutting Edge Technology

    Advanced distributed ledger technology fuels the resolvr platform and provides a transparent and secure audit trail.

  • Increases revenue

    Digital data streams and artificial intelligence optimize fund allocation to increase margins.

  • Streamlines communication

    Efficient and clear communication between all team members and vendors ensures an efficient workflow.

  • Optimizes operations

    Removal of human manual processes eliminates the slow, labor intensive, and error prone methods of the past.

Use case

Hedge fund that is using resolvr

A current hedge fund client with 24 billion dollars of assets under management is currently using resolvr to help with efficiencies and visibility of information. Resolvr dramatically lowered their costs and freed their staff to concentrate on important departmental tasks.

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