We create DApp and SaaS products

We help improve businesses' efficiency with cutting-edge products utilizing blockchain technology.

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Meet aXpire

We create both enterprise and retail products that utilize blockchain technology in the front- or backend.


For businesses, we offer the Bilr and Resolvr SaaS applications, as well as custom software upon request. Digital Shares is also an enterprise product, currently in development.


For consumers, we offer the PayBX application and the AXPR token. All products, even enterprise, involve the AXPR token through the burn of parts of our fee revenues.

We’ve been building software for over 15 years.

Having been in business for a long time, we’ve worked with some of the best. Over the course of our 15+ years of creating SaaS products, these are some of our accomplishments.

10+ Fortune 500 Clients $500m+ in Client Savings
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PayBX — Cryptocurrency Payments Application

PayBX is a cryptocurrency payments application that allows you to spend your crypto without the hassle of converting your funds to traditional FIAT money, costing you fees and time.

Discover PayBX

Digital Shares — Asset Tokenization Platform

Digital Shares is a tokenization and trading platform for digital assets. We generate digital securities, creating new forms of liquidity from what are typically illiquid assets.

Discover Digital Shares

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The AXPR token

Our token acts as a central backbone of the aXpire ecosystem. No matter which product, AXPR is involved.

Advisory Board

Our advisors allow us access to invaluable experience and expertise.

Roger Ver Blockchain Advisor
Matt Nacier Asset Management Advisor
Mate Tokay Blockchain Advisor
Struan McKenzie Business Strategy Advisor
Shingo Lavine Blockchain Advisor
Mark Brennan Business Strategy Advisor
Chris Khan Blockchain Advisor
Jessica Margiotta Asset Management Advisor
Adrian Guttridge Blockchain Advisor
Gina Papush Data Analytics Advisor
Clinton Naidoo Community Advisor
Hariatte P Creative Advisor
John Fenton Blockchain Advisor
Carpenco Dima UI/UX Advisor
Sam Catchpole Community Advisor
Eringgala Nataera Creative Advisor
Abhijoy Sarkar Community Advisor

Some of our esteemed partners

  • We've partnered with blockchain innovators.
  • Our partners offer beneficial tech and ideas.
  • All of our partners understand the aXpire mission.



The v2.0 whitepaper is a full overview of the aXpire project and ecosystem, offering information about both AXPR and our products.



The one-pager is a short version of the whitepaper, primarily featuring information about the aXpire products themselves.


Overview deck

The overview deck is an overview of our target markets and demographics, containing information about how we aim to grow.