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Resolvr — Expense Allocation Software

Resolvr is a spend management and expense allocation software that ensures SEC and Dodd-Frank Act compliance. Our expense allocation software saves each client fund several hundred thousand dollars per year.

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Bilr — Legal Billing Software

Bilr is a legal e-billing application for Android, iOS, and PC. With Bilr, time recording becomes a means to increase profits rather than a dreaded end-of-month chore. The app features speech-to-text, AI invoice optimization, and more.

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"We looked around quite a bit when searching for a good fit. We decided on aXpire and are extremely pleased with our decision. No conversion of this nature goes off without a few bumps, but aXpire has been a great partner in attending to issues quickly and efficiently as they arise. Their flexible business approach, attention to detail and customer service orientation place them in a position to meet the needs of anyone with a need in this space. I highly recommend aXpire."


"Xchanging identified a customer requirement for a platform to assist in the management of their expert spend. We took the decision to select a proven E-Billing product to complement our well established Fees Direct service to create a full end to end solution for the London insurance market. Following a rigorous supplier selection process, Bilr was the only product that met our extensive E-Billing system requirements. aXpire brought subject matter expertise and a well-established E-Billing tool to our partnership. Together we have developed and built a unique expert management solution for the London market."


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